The boiling life

I experienced wind and light. I experienced simplicity. I experienced relationships and realized that the world is nothing but the product of the relations between me and others. Everything matters, Everything has a reason, a web of connections. In November 2015 I went to Marocco with the awareness that I, myself, was the starting point to build a travel journal. The physical structures – the external word – have been molded by emotional structures: the gashes of what is out of myself are soaked in my emotional position.
I paid attention to shades and small events, trying to get to the essence of things. I bumped into the ostentation of density, into the boiling life that runs in me.

The work consists of 14 c-print photos 40x60. It binds a photograph to my studies in anthropology and starts from a strong reflection on my condition as a external viewer: starting from my personal experience I looked for a way to give form to the feelings that influenced my staying in Marocco.