Maria Silvano (Venice 1986) started working with photography during a field work in Spain on the occasion of her final thesis in Cultural Anthropology. She lived and worked in a Gipsy community documenting their struggle to defend and value their culture. She has collaborated as photographer with international arts festival,universities, galleries and theatres.
Lives and works in Berlin where she is pursing her research, focused on the relation between humans and their environments and motherhood. 


2019 “Nonne e nipoti” Solo Show | l’Amateur, Berlin, Germany
2019 “Nonne e nipoti” Solo Show | Fotografia Europea - LEGAMI. Intimità, relazioni, nuovi mondi - Circuito Off, Reggio Emilia, Italy
2017 “Una Foresta” Solo Show | Fotografia Europea in Via Roma - Circuito Off, Reggio Emilia, Italy
2016 “Exquisite Corpse” Group show|48 Stunden Neukölln, Berlin Germany
2016 “The Boiling life” Solo Show | Shaping Clouds Popup Space Berlin
2016 “Sono radicata ma scorro” Group show | Shaping Clouds Popup Space Berlin 2016 “Ramificazioni” Solo Show | Fotografia Europea in Via Roma “Questa non è la Via Emilia”, Reggio Emilia, Italy
2015 “Wanderlust” Solo Show | Interno 12 Padova, Italy
2015 “Una Foresta” Solo Show | Rosengarten Kulturpavillion, Berlin, Germany
2015 “Ramificazioni” Solo Show | Sprach Salon, Berlin, Germany
2015 “Bailan” Group show | Online Exhibition
2014 “Winter” Group show | Le Articioche, Berlin, Germany
2014 “Aquae Mundi – Quelli di Franco Fontana” Group show | Galleria Innerspace 17, Torino, Italy
2014 “Each Box is a wish (my wish is in a glass bottle)” Solo Show | Venice in a bottle Gallery, Venice, Italy
2014 “Each box is a wish” Solo Show | Raum Für Drastische Maßnahem, Berlin Germany
2013 “Venice in a bottle” Group show | Fondamenta 2.0, imprevisti ed improbabilità, Venice, Italy
2013 “Joie De Vivre” Group show | Pitti Bimbo, JK Palace, Florence, Italy
2013 “Photo Opportunity: The Ubiquity of Photography” Group show | Berlin, Germany
2012 “RAI’s International Body Canvas Photography Competition” Group show | Royal Anthropological Institute, London, UK


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