My roots are strong but I flow like a river. I have deep and grounded bases but I make my best to adapt myself to the change of time. Like water does, our lives run, fill up and overflow the river banks. Our lives are fluid, are woven together, they merge and then tear apart. In Novembre 2015, after the terrorist attack at the Bataclan I felt the need to undertake a journey to Paris to see, to understand the sorrow. Then, for the first time after the death of my grandfather, I returned to Rome, the city he loved the most. For the first time I understood these two cities. Humans shape symbolically the landscape, conferring to it a series of dense cultural meanings: the landscape is the product of the synthesis between a natural data and a sensorial faculty (Ligi 2009, p. 49-50; Tuan 1979).
Combing my anthropological studies and my photographic research, I tried to understand the influence of myth on the landscape: how a myth represents the landscape, which meaning does it confer to it and how it transforms it into something lively and familiar (Malinowski 1973).

Sono radicata ma scorro, is a series of 8 c-print photos I shot between Berlin, Paris and Rome in Novembre 2015. Like in a fieldwork research all pictures are supported by an extract of my field journal referring to them. Exhibited at Shaping Clouds Popup Space, Berlin, April 2016