My nephew Giovanni started talking. My father was the one to tell me that, yesterday at the telephone. That call made me feel very far: he was laughing on our terrace in Venice and I’m quite sure that, if I tried, I would have been able to hear the swallow’s flight from the other side of the receiver. From my little balcony in Elsenstrasse you see a yellow crane and a construction site. Crane in German is  “Kran”.

Before leaving Italy I thought hard which boxes to take with me. I was sure that one day I would have needed a sweater rather than another. I thought: “My life is two suitcases and seven boxes” “ My life are twelve and three” “ His, two and one” “I have a bag full of photos and a moka pot filled with sadness”. My feeling of belonging and my inevitable recognition with the objects around me, clashed with my desire to feel untied and cut my roots. On the other hand, changing country and meeting a new culture strengthened my roots. 

We are more than 500 thousand. We have deep and faraway roots. We have desires and we wish to see our hopes bloom.

Ramificazioni, is a project I worked on for a long time. It binds photography to my studies in anthropology and starts from a strong reflection on my condition as an emigrant: starting from my personal experience I looked for a way to give form to the feelings that influenced my last two years in Berlin. The migration dynamics of a Europe without borders are not fundamentally very different from those of the previous century: there are the same dreams of luck and prosperity, the same desire for a better life and a longing for what has been left behind that -it is known- is exacerbated with time. The work consists of 13 photos and is accompanied by a soundtrack in which the voices of the photographed subjects overlap each other: problems of pronunciation and inflections language can be composed to create a forest of voices.