Nonne e nipoti 

“Dear Grandma,
I have the feeling that my handwriting is becoming tinier every day in your absence and that my nostalgia is turning into the memory of the light that was seeping in your kitchen right after lunch.
I keep thinking about all the things I didn't get to say to you. In my heart I’m carrying the weight of a precious legacy built on an infinite joy of living.
We have the same hands and with these hands I embroider.”

Nonne e nipoti tries to compare two different generations of women in order to tell their stories from post WWII to present day.
n October 2016 I photographed six imaginary grandmothers and six imaginary granddaughters in their living rooms. I showed to the grandmas the photos of the six granddaughters, I asked them to pick one and to impersonate the young woman in the portrait, telling me what they think the life of a thirty-year-old woman today is about. Then, I asked to each granddaughter to look at the photo of the grandma who chose her and to imagine herself half-a-century later, at the age of a grandma.
The grandmothers and the granddaughters never got to know each other.
The embroidery I made on the photos wants to highlight the possible relations between two lives that will never meet.