Each box is a wish 

“I want to be your red tin: the yellow one is not for me.”

Cookie boxes, candy cans, coffee jars, cigar cases. Found, stolen, bought and traded. Some of them have followed me all the way here from Venice, I found the others on the way. It takes a few tools and some magic to transform them into pinhole cameras.
With these rudimental yet magical tools I try to record a parallel, more intimate world: the world of desires.
The outcome is raw and unpredictable, subject to the wizardries of physics and chemistry… and to chance. It takes one minute -maybe two in low light- for people to entrust their wishes to a cookie box.

The exhibition is composed of 40 pictures (b/w, contact print) mounted inside the very same pinhole boxes that have produced them.
These work as frames and can be displayed with their lid open or closed. Some images have a matching text containing the wish express by the person portrayed in the picture or the context in which it was taken.
When possible, some sessions of dark room development can be organized. The visitors have a few boxes that they can use to fix their wishes, which I develop shortly after. All pieces are very light and compact (ranging from 5x5 cm to a maximum of 40x40cm) allowing an easy and effortless transportation of the whole exhibition.
The metal boxes are also pretty sturdy and could also be exhibited outdoor.